Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft: Ninth Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, 33rd Göttingen Neurobiology Conference

Göttingen, Germany

Professional Research Presentation
March 23-27, 2011
Göttingen, Germany

Oral Presentations:
Brewer, A.A. & Barton, B. Functional Plasticity in Adult Human Cortex in Response to an Extreme Alteration of Visual Input.

Poster Presentations:
Barton, B. & Brewer, A.A. ‘Clover Leaf’ Cartography: Visual Field Map Clusters in Ventral-, Medial-, and Lateral-Occipital Cortex.

Brewer, A.A. & Barton, B. Perceptual and fMRI Evidence for Filling-In of the Rod Scotoma Under Scotopic Conditions.