Vision Sciences Society 2009 Annual Meeting

Professional Research Presentation
May 8-13, 2009
Naples, Florida, USA

Oral Presentations:
B. Barton, L. Lin, D.E. Asher, & A.A. Brewer. (2009) Alteration of Visuomotor Processing Following Left-Right Prism Adaptation. Vision Sciences Society.  Journal of Vision 9 (8), 763. doi:10.1167/9.8.763.

A.A. Brewer, B. Barton, D.E. Asher, & D. Liu. (2009) Rod Signals in Human Ventral Cortex. Vision Sciences Society.  Journal of Vision 9 (8), 777. doi:10.1167/9.8.777.

Poster Presentation:
L. Lin, B. Barton, D.E. Asher, A.A. Brewer. (2009) Visual Field Mapping of Visuomotor Adaptation to Prisms. Vision Sciences Society. Journal of Vision 9 (8), 762. doi:10.1167/9.8.762.